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Virtual Office Hours — Algorand Europe Accelerator

Date: 16th - 27th November 2020

Office Hours. Sign up now.

Are you ready to accelerate your company?

We’re delighted to announce that Algorand Europe Accelerator is hosting online office hours for startup founders and developers over the next two weeks (16 - 27 November).

If you’re in the early stages of building a company, we’d love to meet you — anyone from idea stage through to Seed stage is welcome to apply if you think you have a strong use-case for building on Algorand.

The purpose of these sessions is to scout companies for our virtual accelerator program and/or to introduce you to any relevant partners (mentors, investors, corporates etc.)


  • Week 1 Sessions (16 - 20 November): Monday, 16th November, 12:00pm GMT

  • Week 2 Sessions (23 - 27 November): Monday, 23rd November, 12:00pm GMT

We recommend signing up as soon as possible as we will be reviewing applications on a rolling basis.

We look forward to meeting you!

The Algorand Europe Accelerator Team

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*Being selected for our Office Hours is not a prerequisite or guarantee for applying to or entering the Algorand Europe Accelerator program. Apply to the overall program here:

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