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Meet our 2021 Cohort: STOKR

It is time to discover some of the amazing companies and teams who participated in the Algorand Europe Accelerator 2021 program. Meet STOKR.

Introducing: STOKR

HQ: Luxembourg

Founders: Arnab Naskar, Co-founder & Business Lead. Tobias Seidl: Co-founder & Product Lead. Lennart Ante: Co-founder & Economics Lead. Lukas Cremer: Co-founder & Technology Lead

Early and growth-stage companies are most times seeking risk capital, in order to reach their full business potential. However, these companies have limited access to risk capital through existing capital markets due to high costs, irrelevant middlemen, and inefficient back-office processes. IPOs are too expensive and complex for such small-cap ventures. On the other hand, retail investors have limited access to alternative investment options and more limited options to invest alongside professional investors. Even in the current capital markets, middlemen involved, such as custodians and brokers, make direct relationships between the investors and the companies near to impossible. Globally, investors are seeking direct ownership and complete transparency, especially in a digital format.

STOKR is a digital investment marketplace for alternative assets, where investors can connect with innovative companies. Through digital securities offerings compliant with EU capital market laws, investors can directly invest in innovative companies for a share of the companies' future revenues or profits. Investors can invest with fiat currencies like Euro, and cryptocurrencies like ETH, BTC, USDT and manage their investments through a dedicated investor dashboard.

STOKR’s regulatory and technology framework allows companies to issue digital securities in a cost-effective and legally secure manner from Europe. These digital securities are issued, transferred and maintained on the blockchain. STOKR positions itself as a one-stop-shop for the issuance and management of these digital securities - we offer end-to-end support.

Arnab is a trend spotter and extremely active in the blockchain space. Being a strong believer in Bitcoin and decentralized technology, Arnab was interested in creating something that will forever change the way the current capital markets work. Tobias, on the other hand, was long interested in technology and always a designer at heart. Given his long experience working as a lawyer at various international law firms, he felt the need to explore his entrepreneurial spirit. Both Arnab and Tobias met at an event in Munich (which also happens to be Tobias’s hometown). It was here that they both realized they share a common vision: to create an investment marketplace that’s not only decentralized but more transparent. Not long after that - Arnab and Tobias, along with technology guru, Lukas, and economics wizz, Lennart, established STOKR in 2018. Four co-founders, one vision. That’s all it took. They bootstrapped their funds - and then came the birth of STOKR! Flash forward to August 2020 - the first 1 million EUR was raised on STOKR in a public investment round (for the company ArtID). And now, here we are in May 2021- where STOKR has a forever growing investor base of over 5000 users. There is currently two live STOs on STOKR (Infinite Fleet, raised over 3.5 million EUR and BlockStream Mining, raised over 3 million EUR), and some more exciting projects in the pipeline. STOKR is here to change the game of capital markets. Forever.

More Resources

If you want to learn more about STOKR’s funding, here is an article about their recent funding from multiple investors.

One of the STO’s on STOKR’s platform, Infinite Fleet, has received great press and media coverage about their offering.

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