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Meet our 2021 Cohort: Kontinuous

It is time to discover some of the amazing companies and teams who participated in the Algorand Europe Accelerator 2021 program. Meet Kontinuous.

Introducing: Kontinuous

HQ: London, United Kingdom

Founder: Ross Murray-Jones (CEO), Agash Navaranjan (CTO), Helen Ginter (General Counsel)

Episodic fundraising is a relationship-driven and laborious chore with no guarantee of success. This lengthy process takes founders away from what's important - the product and growth of their business. For investors, the private sector has significantly outperformed public markets over the last 25 years, yet it still remains inaccessible to most and illiquid to everyone.

Kontinuous helps established, community-driven organisations continuously raise capital from their community via a built-in 'Invest Now' button on their website. Kontinuous provides a turnkey solution for any organisation to issue tokenised equity and manage a large pool of everyday investors over the years. With Kontinuous, founders reclaim control of their business whilst protecting their brand.

Kontinuous empowers stakeholder capitalism by making it easy for loyal fans to share in the long-term financial upside of the brands they use and love at any time and gain liquidity if their circumstances change.

Ross started his career at the United Nations, World Economic Forum and within Economic Advisory at EY. More recently, Ross helped businesses raise $50M+ either as a founder or as part of the founding management team behind the launch of three VC-backed businesses and two online fundraising tools. Agash has been in the Blockchain space for the last six years working in healthcare and fintech. He invented a patent for secure data exchange using Blockchain, which sold to the UK leader in clinical IT systems. He has a deep understanding of DLT, DeFi and crypto-assets. Helen has extensive legal, regulatory and policy experience from her roles at a European law firm, the UK Financial Conduct Authority and the European Commission. With a focus on innovation, she knows the ins and outs of the regulatory side of crypto assets and financial services. Kontinuous will launch in the summer of 2021.

If you would like to follow Kontinuous' mission to reimagine fundraising, follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn to receive public updates. If you're interested in launching a direct offer via your website, go to their website to join the waiting list.

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